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R2G's Global Survey on Digital Health Prevention Strategies and Prediabetes

Welcome to the R2G survey about digital health offerings for prevention and prediabetes!

The main goals of this global survey are:
  • Explore the market readiness for digital prevention/prediabetes services
  • Test hypothesis about potential digital offerings
  • Understand the barriers to the integration of such services

For this survey, digital prevention services are being defined as apps or web-based services that help users to stay healthy (e.g. weight loss, behavior change apps)
Digital prediabetes services are particularly targeting people with a high risk of developing diabetes (blood glucose concentration is 5.5 - 7.0 mmol/L for fasting plasma glucose).

Take part and:
  • You can test your thoughts and compare your ideas with other industry representatives
  • Help us understand what different market strategies mean for prediabetes patients
  • Receive a summary of the results  
  • Contribute to the success of the digital health market

We are very grateful for your time. This survey should take 5-10 minutes at most to complete. 

Be assured that all answers you provide will be kept in the strictest confidentiality. We only ask you to share your email address with us so you can get a summary of the results.
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