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Global Impact Survey of COVID-19 on the Digital Health Industry

Welcome to the R2G’s 2021 global impact survey to compare what impact has covid-19 had on the digital health industry!

R2G had conducted a global survey at the beginning of pandemic in 2020 to get views on how covid-19 would influence stakeholders and industry players in digital health.

This study is an update of the global survey to compare the views of 2020 covid-19 survey and learn what changes has covid-19 pandemic brought to the digital health industry 
  • What was the impact of covid-19 on the global digital health industry in the last one year?
  • How has digital health supported all stages of management of crisis?
The results of this survey will be shared with the global digital health community.

We are very grateful for your time. This survey should take  ~5 -7 minutes at most to complete. 

Be assured that all answers you provide will be kept in the strictest confidentiality. We only ask you to share your email address with us so you can get a summary of the results.
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